Is there an easy part to this notoriously difficult conundrum that we can tackle first? With our General Resonance Theory of consciousness, we suggest that there is and it’s all about …. resonance and shared frequencies

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How does consciousness arise? What might be its relationship to matter ? And why are some things conscious while others apparently aren’t? Is a cat conscious? A bat? A gnat? An atom?

These sorts of questions, taken together, make up what’s called the “hard problem” of consciousness, coined some years ago by the philosopher David Chalmers. There is…

Current public data don’t distinguish between diagnostic tests and screening tests for Covid-19, and screening programs are very likely resulting in a vast majority of false positive results because they are by definition testing asymptomatic people; Hawaii data portals and public officials should distinguish these key data points and act upon them

UK government official emails were leaked in April that warned of up to 98% false positive rates from widespread twice-weekly Covid-19 testing with rapid antigen tests. This kind of widespread testing is known as “screening” because it tests everyone even if they’re not showing symptoms.

The official wrote…

Despite the coverage in the media about increasing threats to children and adolescents from Covid-19 — probably leading soon to vaccine mandates for kids as well as adults — new data from CDC show an extremely low level of Covid-19 cases in kids in the U.S., at 0.03%, even during the spike in cases this August

CDC released data in early September showing that despite a significant increase in Covid-19 cases in 0–17 year-olds in the U.S. in August of 2021, the average disease prevalence was still extremely low at just 0.03%.

The report (CDC’s Mortality and Morbidity Weekly Report…

Exercise reduces Covid-19 hospitalization by more than 2/3 and deaths by over 80%

The science is clear: exercise is one of the single most important things we can do to protect against severe Covid-19, and yet lockdown policies strongly discourage or even prevent exercise

What would you say if there was a drug that resulted in 1/3 as many hospitalizations and 1/6 the number of deaths from Covid-19? What would you say if that drug were free? What would you say if that drug isn’t a drug at all but is simply physical activity?

Well, this peer-reviewed study of almost 50,000 people in California during the pandemic found a massive difference in hospitalization…

CDC and other public health authorities are recommending widespread Covid-19 screening for schools with almost no acknowledgement of the high likelihood that the vast majority of test positives are false positives

I have written a number of essays and papers (with co-authors Blaine Williams and Daniel Howard on the linked paper) recently about what I’m calling the “false positive catastrophe.” This is a well-known epidemiological issue: when disease prevalence is low and asymptomatic people are tested, the large majority of positive test results will be false positives — even if tests are relatively accurate.

For example, FDA warned in a…

Is our energy future still bright? Well, yes, it is.

The 2nd edition of my book on the future of energy — and the ongoing green energy revolution being led by solar power — is finally available. New foreword by former California Energy Commissioner John Geesman. First foreword by UC Berkeley professor Dan Kammen. And tons of good reviews from industry and thought leaders.

I’ve been in green energy policy and project development (I do both in my day job as a lawyer and consultant) for over 15 years, running my own solo law and consulting firm since 2009. So…

Can people achieve big, even massive, things without being douchebags?

I’m torn. I’ve had a man crush on Elon Musk for a long time because he is a true visionary who figured out his life path in his teens (get us off fossil fuels, create awesome nonpolluting cars, get us to Mars and make us multiplanetary to enhance survival) who just gets shit done. He’s achieved so much.

I read the Ashley Vance bio of Musk (called just “Musk”) a couple of years ago and it painted a picture of a driven and extremely intelligent, but kind of awkward and…

A Nigerian girl during the 1960 civil war (source: Wikipedia).

The United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization has released its annual report showing that the “worst-case” global hunger and starvation scenarios warned about early in the pandemic have in fact come to pass; this is happening in large part because of policies put in place in response to the pandemic, as well as the direct effects of the pandemic itself and also climate change impacts

Public policy 101 teaches that policymakers should consider all reasonably foreseeable impacts of a given policy. …

I turned 50 and predictably bought myself a nice car

Here she is: my new baby.

And a few more angles of this beauty:

We now have good data on the impacts of the virus and lockdown policies for calendar year 2020 and we can reasonably conclude that lockdown policies probably caused more harm than good in the U.S; looking only at overdose deaths and homicides we see that the harm from lockdowns was probably higher than any direct harm from the virus, and there are many other negative impacts, in terms of increased mortality and otherwise

[This is a short version of an academic paper I’m wrapping up with some co-authors; I’ve included here just the part that looks at “years of life…

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