Charles Eisenstein joins Kennedy’s presidential campaign

Tam Hunt
3 min readMay 15


Incredible news: my favorite philosopher, and sometimes fellow traveler of ideas, Charles Eisenstein, has teamed up with Bobby Kennedy Jr. in his presidential campaign. I’ve already come out in support of Kennedy’s campaign as I believe he is the leader we need at this tense moment in history.

This news fills my heart with hope and joy. What a moment!

Charles wrote this today:

I attended a pre-launch meeting with him and other close advisors, where I presented my ideas on strategy and message. I was deeply moved by their receptivity. I’d never expected my thinking to strike a chord with a major political campaign, at least not in my lifetime.

One of the main areas of resonance was around the theme of reconciliation, unity, and healing the divide. As I’ve said many times in these pages, polarization and division is at the core of our current crisis. With coherence, we can rise to meet any challenge. Without it, even marginal changes are impossible to accomplish. The meta-narrative shared by both sides that the problem is those horrible people on the other side, is itself the real problem. The kind of leader we need today is not one who settles into one camp to wage war on the other, but one who can see the potential for unity behind the divisions. It is someone who can tap into shared moral values and universal human aspirations.

One more thing. Although I said that winning the campaign is not the ultimate goal, I am confident RFK Jr. will win. Yes, I know about all the obstacles, the media smears, the censorship, the machinations of the deep state. But I just have an uncanny premonition of victory. When people actually listen to Mr. Kennedy and sense his palpable intelligence, humor, kindness, and authenticity, the slanders about his character just don’t stick. The response so far from across the political spectrum has been incredible. America is ready for an historic uprising of people power. And it’s not “RFK against the Establishment.” Many in the bureaucracy, in the C-suites, in the halls of power are, like I was, wishing for liberation from the frozen structures of institution, habit, and psychology that have entrapped them. They too have been hollowing out from the inside.

Most encouraging of all to my optimism is my experience of the core team and the candidate himself. Never before have I encountered a group of people who are so talented and intelligent while at the same time being so selfless. I haven’t seen any infighting or office politics. Everyone is ready to put aside their ego in service to the common cause. That lets in a kind of light that illuminates my own shadow parts, such as subtle twinges of territoriality, and desire for approval and recognition. For me this is a spiritual process. I may share more about that as well in coming installments.

Can’t wait to see how this unfolds!



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