Hilo Medical Center “Covid hospitalizations” are likely based on false positive PCR test results

Tam Hunt
2 min readJun 24, 2022

Only 23% of HMC’s “Covid hospitalizations” are because of Covid-19 and the rest are incidental, based upon a positive PCR test result, required upon admission to the hospital

As a policy lawyer I’ve learned over the years how to dig deeply into issues to figure out what’s going on beneath the surface. In the pandemic craziness over the last couple of years I’ve communicated with large numbers of public health professionals here in Hawaii and in other states.

I’ve tried to expose some of the massive exaggeration regarding Covid-19 statistics and almost everywhere I’ve looked I’ve found such massive exaggeration.

Locally, it’s the same story. We are allegedly seeing a new “surge” of Covid here on the Big Island of Hawaii where I live and a recent Hilo Tribune-Herald story warned about rising Covid hospitalization numbers.

But when I reached out to public health staff at the hospital I learned that 10 of the 13 people at the Hilo Medical Center listed currently as “Covid hospitalizations” are only incidental. This means they are listed as Covid hospitalizations based on a positive PCR test that is required with admission to the hospital.

In other words, they are not in the hospital because of Covid but because of other health reasons.

That’s just 23% of “Covid hospitalizations” who are in the hospital because of Covid, and 77% who are there for other health reasons.

And when you screen everyone upon admission to the hospital, regardless of symptoms, you are guaranteed based on basic math to have a vast majority of false positives.

So we are seeing this trend continue locally, nationally and globally, with a large proportion of the “pandemic” based on false positives resulting from screening of asymptomatic people.

We wrote up these issues in the British Medical Journal a year ago now but it seems that public health professionals are still not absorbing this information.



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