Jeffrey Sachs explains how Neocons have brought the world to the brink of disaster

Tam Hunt
2 min readJun 8, 2024

This interview by Tucker Carlson of Prof. Jeffrey Sachs (Columbia University), is one of the best and most important interviews I’ve ever seen. Prof. Sachs is a master at explaining complex topics with clarity.

Well worth watching the whole thing.

Sachs provides an in-depth but clear history of 30 years of utter failures in US foreign policy, driven primarily by an incredibly dangerous and foolish Neocon agenda that has seemed drunk on its own power.

We are now at the point where this isn’t just about Ukraine or Russia (it never was since the war in Ukraine has always been truly between Russia and the US, with huge numbers of Ukrainians paying the price) that we are all at risk of nuclear war breaking out b/c of US foolishness. I have an essay coming out in Scientific American next week on the trend toward putting AI in everything, including nuclear weapons systems.

The complications of the headlong rush toward AI, and an almost certain trend toward putting AI into all kinds of weaponry, including nukes, will make the global situation even more fraught.

We are all at risk now from the war in Ukraine.

The situation is also massively exacerbated by the war in Gaza and Palestine more generally, with yet again the same astoundingly foolish and bloodthirsty Neocons continuing to urge unconditional support for Israel in that onslaught.

Sachs urges Biden to simply talk to Putin — what an idea!

Sachs does not condone Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, and no do I — it was clearly illegal and unjustified. But that invasion was definitely not “unprovoked” as we keep hearing in legacy media. It was provoked time and time again by US foreign policy choices, if that word has any meaning, through steady expansion of NATO and attempts to place US weaponry closer and closer to Russian borders.

Here are two written pieces on the same topics by Sachs, a professor of economics at Columbia and a true citizen of the world, with a heart as big as his brain.



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