Kalani Point on the Big Island of Hawaii

My addiction

Tam Hunt


Hi, my name is Tamlyn

I’m an addict

I’m addicted to dance

And my dance community here on the Big Island and around the world

What an amazing community I am blessed to live in where our weekly community movement ritual(s) (aka ecstatic dance and variations thereof) can lead to such amazing pleasure — yes, ecstasy — through movement, beautiful and amazing people, incredible music and equally incredible music facilitators, and being surrounded by such incredible nature.

Kalani is the mothership and indeed the originator of the now world-wide ecstatic dance movement (on so many levels), and this is where the most insanely high energy and high love dances still happen each week.

We’ve had an amazing succession of dances in the last few months, capped off by Jami Deva’s inspiring and beautiful set yesterday morning.

I am regularly getting high, very high, on dance alone! Yesterday I think I could have dunked I was so high.

Melting from the blessings…



Tam Hunt

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