Tesla’s “moonshot” may have just landed

FSD 9.1 (it’s new still-in-early-beta full self-driving software) is apparently getting quite close to actual full self-driving — that’s a game changer and a world changer

This will go down in the history books as an incredible achievement: true self driving cars. Tesla’s latest version of full self driving (FSD), FSD early-beta 9.1, appears to be on track to be just that.

It’s been years getting here, and delayed by years, but watch this video yourself and be wowed.

Busy city driving in Seattle with zero interventions other than the guy modifying the speed a few times using the scroll wheel.

Elon and his team deserve massive kudos for this.

This is not just tech boy geeking out cool stuff. This will revolutionize transportation worldwide and vastly improve the efficiency of transport, by up to 90% or more, bc “transportation as a service” and cars that never park become feasible now.

This will significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions as FSD technology is rolled out to more and more cars and people increasingly decide to not buy a car at all and instead just use robotaxis.

Here’s another more detailed video, with analysis, showing a few examples of interventions in sticky situations. So 9.1 is still far from perfect but it’s very easy to see it getting very close to perfect in the next year or two or even sooner. And that really is unexpected by most analysts.

That’s the game, folks. World changing.



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