The three policy changes that may end the pandemic — and avoid the next pandemic

1. Require consideration of symptoms as well as positive lab tests for a “confirmed case”

2. Set cycle threshold at a reasonable level for PCR testing

3. Do not test asymptomatic people

Figure 1. False positives are 50% (1/2) even with a 99% sensitivity test if the active infection level in the population is at 1%.
Figure 2. Using Lee 2020 findings regarding CDC’s PCR test inaccuracies with testing of asymptomatic people in a population with active Covid-19 infection level of 1%.

4. Don’t require that the new illness automatically be listed as the underlying cause of death

5. Don’t include any association whatsoever as a “ — - death” unless there is deemed to be a causal connection between the illness and the death.

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