Waimanu Valley, Big Island, Feb. 2024 (photo by Tam Hunt)

Why ASI will almost certainly kill off humanity

Tam Hunt
2 min readMar 8, 2024

We are in yet another era of obvious but unacknowledged collective insanity. We are madly rushing to create beings that are vastly more intelligent and powerful than we are.

There is little historical precedent suggesting that intelligence and compassion are correlated.

Along these lines I’ve developed a short argument that AGI will under current trajectories almost certainly lead to the mass extinction of humanity.

There’s still time to stop this path if enough people wake up in time.

Feedback appreciated.

- [ ] Life on our planet is an extremely unlikely configuration of matter and energy in our galaxy

- [ ] As far as we know we may be the only planet with complex life

- [ ] This an entropically rare, in the extreme, case in the universe

- [ ] Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) is in part defined by its ability to influence the world bc intelligence is defined in part by ability to problem solve and achieve change in the world

- [ ] As AGI trends quickly to Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI) it will necessarily entail dramatic abilities to re-shape the world around it.

- [ ] The history of intelligence on this planet gives little support for a correlation between intelligence and compassion

- [ ] Given the the God-like powers of ASI it is all but certain that ASI will re configure our planet and galaxy in ways that are not conducive to the extremely limited type of configurations friendly to human life

- [ ] Ergo: ASI will almost certainly lead to mass human death and probable total extinction



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