Why is there an egregious double standard when looking at Covid-19-related deaths vs vaccine-related deaths?

We see a similar double standard in tallying vaccine-related deaths

A number of studies have come out looking at deaths attributed to the Covid-19 vaccines themselves, due to side effects from the jabs. However, almost every study looking at this issue has applied a very stringent set of criteria for making a determination that a given death was caused by a Covid-19 vaccine rather than other causes.

Summary of the various standards of causation required for deeming a given death caused by Covid-19 or vaccines, or by Covid-19 in fully vaccinated people (“breakthrough” deaths). Source: Tam Hunt

What is the standard for reporting a Covid-19 death more generally?

Strangely, the World Health Organization’s Covid-19 death reporting guidelines, issued in April 2020 at the beginning of the pandemic, instructed death certifiers to ignore preexisting conditions — another term for comorbidities — in deciding whether a given death was caused by Covid-19 or not. The document states (p. 3):

How did we get to this double standard in death reporting?

So why did WHO and CDC apply such a loose standard for determining Covid-19 deaths for the duration of the pandemic and then apply such a remarkably more stringent standard for determining vaccine-related deaths and “breakthrough” deaths?

What do we do about this double standard?

How do we remedy this situation? A good first step would be to apply the same evidentiary standard in all three contexts examined above. In policy circles, this move is known as “harmonization” and it is a natural solution for a remedy moving forward. An example of harmonization in the pandemic context is the World Health Organization’s effort to harmonize excess deaths reporting across countries in an April 2022 report (“harmonized methods for excess mortality”).



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