Is CDC “borrowing” pneumonia deaths from the long-term care population and adding them to the Covid-19 deaths tally?

Long-term care homes have significant new financial incentives to take on Covid-19 patients and to report Covid-19 as a cause of death

More than 40% of all Covid-19-related deaths in the US are in long-term care homes

Figure 1. New York Times tally of states with highest Covid-19 deaths occurring in nursing homes.

CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics announced in April that it will include pneumonia deaths in its Covid-19 deaths count

Figure 2. Goldberg et al. 2008 looks at the most prevalent causes of death in nursing home populations.
Figure 3. CDC’s excess deaths “dashboard.” This option is displayed when you select the “number of excess deaths” option in the dashboard.
Figure 4. US provisional all cause mortality data for 2020 through mid-December (chart compiled by Tam Hunt).
Figure 5. US CDC all cause mortality data 2014-Nov. 2020 (chart compiled by Tam Hunt).

But aren’t some deaths still being caused by Covid-19?

Figure 6. Weekly death counts by age group (source: CDC).
Figure 7. CDC excess deaths not attributed to Covid-19 (source).

In conclusion…



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